• What is the duration of a wedding photo shoot?

The wedding photo shoot has a duration of 10 consecutive hours, which are, normally, enough to cover from the bride and groom getting ready to the cut of the wedding cake or the first dance. In any case, we will stay with you as long as you need it.

• What is the price for a wedding photo shoot?

Every wedding is different and each one of our services is tailored on the customer's needs and desires. Share some informations about your wedding day and we will provide a detailed fee quote.

• How many images will we receive on our wedding day?

We usually deliver about 500 images, among which I will select 50/60 pictures to tell the story of your wedding day. Then you could choose if you want us to print the pictures and assemble the photo album or you prefer to stay with the digital files. All the photographs that you will receive are delivered in full resolution and have been fully edited, so you will be able to print them yourself anytime.

• What kind of prints and photo album do you offer?

Our pictures are printed on fine art paper using inkjet technology. Our photo albums are hand crafted by Il Gelso bookshop in Verona

• We do love spontaneous photos, will you make us pose?

We do love spontaneus photos as well! Actually our work is basically a reportage, that means that we aim to tell the story of the subject (you) and the environment it is acting in (the location and especially the people that sorrounds you). We also know that being “spontaneous” is not always easy, that is why we will help you suggesting some poses during the portraits session, which will take just a small part of the wedding photo shoot. If you take it as a game I assure you that your “poses” will look spontaneous.

• Most of the images on your website are just couples, do you take also detail photos and family pictures?

Of course we do. We love romantic and moody pictures and portraits, but we aim to create a complete narration of your day. So we will be there shooting details, group pictures and family pictures and everything that will catch the eyes.

• What is the delivery time of the images?

Within two months of the wedding day we will send you a first draft of a virtual photo album in pdf format with 50/60 pictures that I will choose to tell your story and a folder containing all the pictures edited in low resolution so you could check them and eventually suggest modifications to the draft of the photo album.
Then you will have one month to view the pictures and suggest changes to the album.
Once the photographs selection has been defined we will proceed with the printing setup, in order to deliver you all the photographs fully edited in full resolution within one month.

• Do you offer wedding video service or just wedding photo shoot?

We do offer a professional wedding video service.

• Do you offer a drone service?

Yes we do, nevertheless, there are issues connected to the utilization of drones in public and private spaces that brought to a complex and strict legislation. For this reason we only work with professional drone pilots with ENAC certification that can work in every situation.

• Do you offer engagement session?

We do offer engagement photo session, about 2 hours shooting on location. I like these sessions when we do it before the wedding day because they allow me to make a connection with the future spouses. You can book the engagement session in addition to your wedding photo shoot or you can book one on its own.

• Do you travel for wedding?

Yes. I do love to travel. I traveled many time for weddings and I travel for plesure anytime I have the chance to. Travelling, meeting strangers and discover new locations is my first source of inspiration. When we travel for work all the expenses are included in the budget so you won't have to worry about any details of our travelling logistics

• Could we see an entire wedding gallery to get an idea about how you capture a full day?

Of course, I think it's important for our couples to see how we can capture all the moments, details and people that make a wedding day special.